x-kom AGO is a professional Polish e-sport organization. Our current teams compete in three disciplines: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite and Starcraft 2.
The foundation of AGO x-kom is based on our values:

  • hard work,
  • bravery,
  • discipline,
  • ethics,
  • rivalry,
  • farsightedness,
  • Continuous personal and team development.

x-kom and AGO started in 2016 as two independent teams of several people. Currently, almost 20 people work in the Warsaw Nest, and the Organization is constantly expanding with new departments and new experts.

From 1 July 2019 the Organization enters the next stage of its development, which is the start of the process of selecting players for the CS:GO team. The process will be based on the experience gained and conclusions drawn from two years of observation. The selection of the players will be aimed at selecting five professionals who, in such a combination, will determine the new strength of the Organization on the Polish scene. We do not want to identify players who have only high skills in the game, but the optimal choice, which is a peculiar mixture of game competence, personality and high determination to achieve goals.


It all started in 2016 when AGO Gaming was founded, but a breakthrough moment in the life of the organization was certainly the acquisition of CS:GO division in 2017, which hit the e-sport arena. The team started from the competition in the domestic backyard, in order to win the title of ESL Champion of Poland and the Polish Esports League within a year and a half, and then succeeding in international tournaments, climbing the HLTV ranking. In its best time for itself, it was on the 16th place in the world, and all the time it remained in the top50.

Also in 2016 the Venatores team is formed, which a year later is renamed the x-kom team. The team is also starting to be successful on the domestic market. It wins in several tournaments, including GameON 2017 and Good Games League 2018.
A year later, AGO Esports was among the top earning organizations in the world, with 635,546 dollars to win in 55 tournaments. The charges of the Polish organization regularly participate in the largest sports tournaments in the world: Fortnite World Cup, DreamHack, StarLadder, World Electronic Sports Games, Intel Extreme Masters, World Championship Series, Skirmish Series, ESL Pro League, ESEA MDL and many others.

July 1, 2019 is a milestone in the life of the Organization. x-kom and AGO Esports are becoming strategic partners, thus building a new quality in Polish and global e-sports. An organization is emerging which with its knowledge, competences, experience and financial and technological background intends to fight for the best results in the international arena.


People working for the success of AGO x-kom is a mixture of people with professional experience gained from working in the largest projects in sports, esports, media and business in Poland.
The whole organization is focused on the professional development of all its employees. Common goals, common way and supporting each other in overcoming difficulties is the philosophy of our organization.

„We focus on playing for the highest goals. Confirmation of the rightness of the road we have chosen is the strategic partnership with x-kom, which will allow us to reach an even higher level, both in terms of sports competition and marketing.”

Jakub Szumielewicz, CEO.

This, combined with the successes of the players on the international arena and the great interest of the fans, allowed the x-kom AGO to open up to new brands. Thanks to this, the Organization currently cooperates with such entities as x-kom, but also STS, Łomża, Puma, Orbit, Corsair, LG, G2A.

„The main foundation for the success of the team is its proper preparation for the games, both in the area of the game itself and in the area of psychophysical condition. I believe that we need to look at the challenges faced by esport players much more than just in terms of the outcome of the competition. The result is a component of the implementation of the criteria that guide me in the creation of the x-com AGO system. If the team does not have them, the result is only a coincidence. x-kom AGO is not about luck, but about repeatability, which is determined by the requirements and threats posed by e-sport.”

AGO Sebastian Krzepota, sports director of x-kom AGO.

x-kom brings practically unlimited technological support and contacts with potential endemic sponsors to the Organization. x-kom is not only one of the largest chains of computer hardware and consumer electronics stores in Poland. It is also a manufacturer of desktops from the G4M3R series, on which x-kom AGO players work.

LAN tournaments

Turnieje LAN

1st place Games Clash Masters 2019 – MEET POINT
2nd place LOTTO Puchar Zdobywców Pucharów 2019
2nd place World Electronic Sports Games 2018
1st place Polska Liga Esportowa – Jesień 2018
3-4th place Toyota Master CS:GO Bangkok 2018
2nd place ESL Pro European Championship 2018
3-4th place ESL Polish Championship Summer 2018
3-4th place Games Clash Masters 2018
3-4th place DreamHack Open Montreal 2018
2nd place Polska Liga Esportowa S3
1st place Good Game League 2018
1st place ESL Mistrzostwa Polski Wiosna 2018
3-4th place QI Invitational
3th place StarLadder & ImbaTV Invitational
1st place Superpuchar ESL Mistrzostw Polski
1st place Pay2Live Cryptomasters
1st place ESEA Season 26: Global Challenge
3th place Polska Liga Esportowa S2
2nd place China Top 2017 – Shenzen
2nd place Nordish Gaming Convention Masters 2017
2nd place ESL Polish Championship Summer 2017
2nd place Polska Liga Esportowa S1

Online tournaments

3-4th place LOOT.BET Hotshot Series Season 1
3-4th place Hunt Wave League
2nd place GG.BET Summer Europe&CIS
1st place OGA Counter PIT
1st place Fusion.bet Masters
1st place Mother Russia 2
1st place Nations Elite Esports Cup
1st place Legend Series: Europe #4
1st place Skinhub Championship – Season 2
1st place Nvidia CS:GO Challenge 2017

Fortnite currently occupies 32nd
Place according to Fortnite Esports ranking in the world

* Promotion to Fortnite World Cup New York 2019 – JarkoS
15th place ESL Katowice Royale International Edition Zeek
8th place ESL Katowice Royale Polish Edition Zeek
11th place ESL Katowice Royale Polish Edition Skosas
12th place ESL Katowice Royale Polish Edition Buhuu
14th place ESL Katowice Royale Polish Edition Daav
19th place Fall Skirmish Series EU – Week 4 Daav
7th place Fall Skirmish Series EU – Week 2 Povity
6th place Summer Skirmish Series EU – Week 5 Skosas, Povity

Starcraft 2 currently occupies the 19th place in the world according to the Aligulac ranking.

5-8th place podczas World Championship Series Spring 2019
6th place World Championship Series Winter 2019 Europe
1st place Alpha Pro Series Match 46
3-4th place Afreeca World 28
1st place PsiX Pro Series Match 42