AGO Esports is an organisation that is constantly developing among its values. It is precisely because building an organisation is a long-term process that we focus on continuous progress. Locusts in the Counter Strike: Global Offensive division is one of the stages that will bring us closer to achieving our goal. The organization will inform about the next changes in the following communications.

At its best, the team in the current line-up was on the 20th position, and the lowest was classified on the 47th place according to the world ranking of CS:GO teams, conducted by the renowned HLTV service.

“During the first nine months we were getting to know the Counter-Strike environment and developing criteria for evaluating the players. For the next nine months we were gathering information. Today we know what we want to expect from our representatives and what we want to bet on in the future when it comes to our understanding of player development and leadership.

Based on the criteria and evaluation of the players, I know that the way forward for this Team is not possible at AGO. That is why today we are finishing the stage of the game in this line-up and we are deciding on personal changes. – Sebastian Krzepota, Sports Director of AGO Esports, commented on the reorganization of the line-up.

On 1 July Tomasz “phr” Wójcik, Grzegorz “Szpero” Dziamałek and Kacper “Kap3r” Sloma will say goodbye to the Nest. The competitors have been performing since October 2018. Recently we could watch them at Toyota Master in Bangkok, where they finished their adventure with the tournament in the semi-finals and in Dallas during the unsuccessful fight for ESL Pro League maintenance, as well as a series of online competitions.

The biggest success of this line-up was undoubtedly the silver won in China at World Electronics Sports Games.

Until the end of June, the players will represent the colours of the Hawks, playing matches in the online leagues. They will play their farewell game on Saturday.

“We are closing a certain stage. There’s no point in fooling ourselves, but the results of the last few days have not been satisfactory. I believe that we had strong personalities, but we were not able to function as a single organism. The key reason for this was the different vision of the functioning of the team and the training, which meant that we did not we were on our way together. We worked on it to catch a certain repetition as a team and prepare for the qualification for Minor with a similar system as for WESG. Today, we know that not everyone is able to maintain repeatability in the adopted system of work.

That is why we are saying goodbye to the three, and I would like to stress this, very talented players with whom we were unable to find a common denominator on the issue I described. From this point of view, I would like to thank the boys for the effort put into the team’s results. We had a great time and I’m sure the guys will be able to cope with the new reality. – says Mikołaj “Minirox” Michałków, division coach of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

AGO Esports is proud that throughout the whole period of cooperation it was able to learn a lot from its charges, as well as invest a lot in their personal development, thanks to which they became players ready for new challenges in the world of virtual competition and more. Good luck with your career!