The World Electronic Sports Games tournament has ended and with it the stay of our Hawks in China. From China players can return with a sense of insufficiency. After all, you play in the finals every day and your moves are watched by 3 million spectators.

In the grand final, Counter Strike: Global Offensive challenged Ukrainian-based Windigo Gaming, represented by Bulgarians. The Hawks came to the meeting in good outfits, because the day before they defeated 2:0 fnatic formation with legendary Swedes in the line-up, who a few weeks earlier performed at Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice. Worth noting is the 16:0 victory on the Inferno map, which no one has ever done before.

Already during the map selection the coach Mikołaj “minirox” Michałkow could feel confident. Finally, the match on Inferno, Mirage and Dust2 was about to start.

Despite the initial problems on the first map, the Hawks managed to bring the equalization and even win in the first half. After the change of sides the team led by Kamen “bubble” Kostadinov took the lead to 13:9 and it seemed that Inferno will fall prey to Windigo. However, this did not happen. Dominik “Gruby” Świderski was doubling and trolling not to give up the points, leading to the victory at 16:14.

After a short break, the athletes found themselves at Mirage. The map is very popular among Polish players. However, the meeting was much better for Bulgarians, who won the gun, and then seven rounds in a row. When the situation seemed hopeless, the Hawks started to wake up. Captain Damian “Furlan” Kislowski, who kept his cold blood until the end, was a great achievement here. Unfortunately, despite making up for the losses from the beginning of the match, our players did not manage to win. Hawks recognized the superiority of the opponent, losing 13:16.

The winner was to be chosen by Dust2, who is not one of the favourite maps of the charges of coach Nikolai “minirox” Michalkow. The initial euphoria after winning the pistol did not last too long. Bulgarians responded very quickly, giving no chance to our players. Thus, we lost the decisive map 7:16.

Our competitors on World Cyber Electronics Games took second place. In the finals losing 1:2 to Windigo Gaming. They returned to Poland richer by 200 000 dollars.