x-kom AGO with changes in the CS:GO division

The Counter-Strike : Global Offensive Division of x-kom AGO has completed its battle in the ESL Pro League, the equivalent of the football Champions League in the world of the popular FPS game from Valve. Therefore, the time has come for a summary.

In the opinion of the Board of Directors and Coaching Staff, the team did not achieve the goals set for it – to maintain stability and repeatability, so it was decided to bench Oskar “Oskarish” Stemborowski. The 23-year-old player joined the Hawks’ team in March 2020 by virtue of a definitive transfer from Illuminar Gaming. At that time, together with his teammates, he won the title of Polish Champion beating AVEZ Esport in the final of the ESL Polish Championship, took 3-4 place during the European Championship – ESL European Championship, placed second in the Eden Arena tournament: Malta Vibes, or winning the 33rd season of the ESEA and being promoted to ESL Pro League. Now Oskar is looking for new challenges, and teams interested in contracting him should contact maciej.opielski@ago.gg.

“On paper, our line-up looked promising. We strongly believed that we would jump to the next level. I had high hopes seeing Oskar’s commitment and the amount of work he put into the preparation. Not everything that looked good during the training was translated into official matches. That’s why we decided that with Oskar’s contract coming to an end, we would look for other optimal solutions. Despite playing in ESL Pro League, our goal has not yet been achieved. – says Mikołaj “Minirox” Michałków, CS:GO Head Coach.

After a few months of break, Eryk “Leman” Kocęba returns in place of Oskarish. The 23-year-old was an outstanding figure in the recently formed AGO NEST squad, which took part mainly in Internet tournaments. Earlier in AGO he won in LOOT.BET/CS, OGA Counter PIT or Polish Esport League: Warm Up.

“When forming the line-up over half a year ago, we had one goal – to take another step in the game. We wanted to be a team whose style of play is defined by two words repeatability and stability. Judging coldly, we didn’t reach a level that would satisfy both the staff and the organization. We want to keep developing and raising the bar with every game, so I strongly believe that the decisions we made will prove right and will have a positive impact on the team. – summarizes Arkadiusz “Maden” Madenski, team manager.

The position of the new in-game leader in the team will be taken by Damian “Furlan” Kislowski, who will be the leader for the next months.
Moreover, at the request of the player, the owners of AGO x-kom decided to move Miłosz “mhL” Knasiak to the bench for one month. Due to the baccalaureate class and catching up with the school material caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Knasiak is not able to actively participate in the trainings. At the same time the organization informs that the period of Knasiak’s stay on the bench may be prolonged.

“From the very beginning we informed that as an organization we will not stand in the way of players who continue their education. I had many discussions with Miłosz about the possibility of reconciling the school with trainings and matches. During one of them I informed him about the possibility of suspending his active participation in the life of the team for the time of catching up with the school. We have to remember that mhL is in the high school graduation class and in the coming year he will take the high school leaving exam – if he feels that at this stage he is not able to reconcile with the game, we as an organization take note of this and support him in this decision. In turn, I would like to thank Oskar for his time together, for his joint victories and defeats. It is not often that a player meets with such a work ethic”. – explains Maciej Opielski, Vice-President of the organization.

Miłosz will be replaced by Brajan “DGL” Lemecha. The 22-year-old has not yet had the opportunity to present himself to a wider audience. However, coach Mikołaj “Minirox” Michałków decided that the player who until recently shot for AGO NEST deserves to be tested with stronger rivals.

The newly formed squad of Hawks will to the Nest (office) on October 3 to have a weekly bootcamp.