x-kom AGO: We’re looking for new opportunities for mhL

We would like to inform you that Milosz “mhL” Knasiak is ready to return to the professional scene and in order not to waste his potential on the  bench, we are looking for a new team for him.

The x-kom AGO organization follows the “6-month rule”, this means that each of our active squad is guaranteed stability during this cycle. Thanks to this players are sure of their position in the team and can focus entirely on training and competition. After this period it is time to take stock.

Milosz has reported to us in recent days his desire to return to the game. We don’t want to take any steps that could lead to a potential rotation in the team, as there are more than 2 months left until the end of our period.  

However, we cannot allow mhL, being ready, to spend this time on the bench, so we are looking for a team for our 19-year-old sniper where he can spread his wings after his maturity break.

If you are interested in working with Milosz, please contact: maciej.opielski@ago.gg or jerome.c@prodigy-agency.gg