A year ago, we were the first organisation in Europe to open a Fortnite division, employing four talented players.

In February 2018, David “Buhuu” Bugajski, Cyprian “Skosas” Bednarczyk and Krystian “Serwa” Serwatka joined us. After more than twelve months of cooperation, we decided to terminate the existing contracts.

“At the beginning of 2018 we employed one of the most promising Fortnite teams in Poland, focusing on the squad format of the competition. In the course of time, the game producer, EPIC Games, clearly communicated that their activities are directed at solo and duo competition. Due to the need to adapt to the format and ambitions of the Organization to fight against the best not only in Poland, but above all in the world, we started the process of scouting the best individuals in our country. – says Maciej Opielski, Head of Esports in AGO Esports.

Taking into account the factors mentioned by Opielski, on 13 April 2019 we decided to end our cooperation with the aforementioned players.

Players under the flag of AGO Esports as the only Poles represented our country in a series of foreign tournaments of the DreamHack series. During their LAN debut in Tours, they took 33rd place. At that time, Fortnite’s tournaments looked completely different. They competed in teams of four and it was not clear what the future of the game developer, EPIC Games, was going to be. Then we could watch them twice in Spain at the tournaments in Valencia and Seville, where they were always on the podium.

In addition, they regularly played in the online Skirmish series, winning over 80,000 PLN.

The last performance of Buhuu, Serwy and Skosas under the Hawks’ flag could be watched during the IEM Katowice Royale. The tournament was attended by the best players from Poland.

“Buhuu, Serwa and Skosas are great people. I would like to thank the boys from the bottom of my heart for their contribution to the organization. I am convinced that each of the parties has gained a lot of experience from this cooperation, which will allow everyone to achieve further successes on the Fortnite’s sports stage. “This is how Opielski says goodbye to the contestants.

The current line-up of Fortnite AGO Esports is as follows:

David “DaaV” Mushroom

Igor “povity” Zieliński Alexander

“Zeek” Zygmunt (trial)