Warsaw, December 20th, 2019

We are excited to announce that on December 21st, 2019, we have established a partnership between Rogue and x-kom AGO for League of Legends in Poland. In 2020, the fans will see a new team joining the Ultraliga – AGO ROGUE. While Rogue continues to be responsible for the selection and career development of team members, x-kom AGO provides the knowledge and support to establish a training presence in Warsaw and a dedicated marketing approach.

Ever since being accepted in the LEC, Rogue has successfully realized the competitive potential of the Polish environment with its secondary team “Rogue Esports Club” under the leadership of Managing Director Anna Baumann and General Manager Tomislav Mihailov. Not only having placed first and second in the Ultraliga, but also having promoted its carefully developed players to the LEC in Summer Split, ending their great run in fourth place, Rogue will continue to pursue its comprehensive talent development approach in 2020.

“In 2018, we have chosen the Ultraliga as one of the most excellent grounds for talent development in Europe and ever since, we have pursued our unique high-performance approach for young League of Legends talent while furthering our clout in the market”, said Anna Baumann. “X-kom AGO has demonstrated that they are a leader in both, the sports aspect and the commercialization of esports club assets. We are excited to continue our success story with joint forces, developing prodigy players for the international Stage while connecting even closer to our fans in Poland with a dedicated marketing approach.”

x-kom AGO is known for establishing outstanding commercial relationships with partners such as x-kom and Puma as well as being one of the founding parties of the innovative esportsLAB project, an European funded project focusing on esports performance research. X-kom AGO will allow the AGO ROGUE team to live and train in Warsaw, providing a high-performance environment with a healthy diet, physical and team protocols based on an individual, scientific assessment and all marketing activities.  

“I feel great pride joining our cooperation with Rogue”, comments Jakub Szumielewicz, president of the x-kom AGO organization. “Since its beginnings, our organization has been focused on building competence in the fields of competitive knowledge, care for the comprehensive development of players, effectiveness in relations with business partners and consistency in building media. Rogue – as an internationally leading esports brand – entrusting us with its players and marketing in Poland shows that our efforts have not gone unnoticed.”

Fans can expect exciting and new content. Under the umbrella of the partnership, dedicated social media channels will provide an inside view of the team, allowing fans to get to know the players early in their career and follow their performance on the Polish and International Stage.

AGO ROGUE is eager to prove itself in the Ultraliga as well as in the EU Masters tournament, showing the world once more that Europe is a leading talent development region with remarkable competition.

Information about the team roster will be released very soon and to find out more, follow AGO Rogue at their social media channels: