AGO Esports today announced the launch of the PUMA brand.

The sportswear manufacturer will become the technical partner of Counter Strike’s Global Offensive, Fortnite and Starcraft 2 players, providing them with outfits throughout 2019.

“We are proud of the fact that a global brand like Puma has decided to cooperate with our organization. The assortment and technology used in Puma’s products fully meets the expectations and needs of our team, providing them with absolute comfort of work and allows us to remain in line with the sporting philosophy on which our organization is built.

We try to select partners who have a real impact on the development of our organization and support us – Puma brand is undoubtedly the best example of this. The process of assortment selection, marketing support and industry know-how remain at the highest, world-class level, which makes this partnership extremely strategic for our organization. We hope that thanks to our efforts and the numerous media activities planned for 2019, we will build up a lot of positive connotations for the Puma brand on the esports and gaming market,” says Jakub Szumielewicz, CEO of AGO Esports.

The cooperation between AGO Esports and PUMA will traditionally include a number of activations on the social profiles of Hawks and their charges, as well as providing them with clothes adapted to the changing climatic conditions, which will include a sweatshirt, match shirt, tracksuit, shorts and shoes suitable for both tournament performances and free time or physical training.

The AGO Esports athletes will be the first in Europe to join an elite group of athletes, including AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund, and recently the American Cloud9.

Sports fans from all over the world will see our Hawks in new colors next week at DreamHack Rio De Janeiro. As MissionBrazil began its maneuvers, we decided to use special colors. These are based on our sporting traditions, as well as Brazilian love for football and the Canarinhos team.

“We are very excited about working with AGO Esports, a team that has a sporty background and a great understanding of the sports and sporting environment. We strongly believe that in today’s world esport and sport merge strongly and have a lot in common. For us it is the perfect moment to join this world together with AGO and be part of the gaming community”, says Jan Sochor, Area General Manager Eastern Europe.