One of the largest food companies in Europe, has started cooperation with the Polish organization of electronic sports, x-kom AGO. The Hawks’ fans will be able to use the award-winning application, among others, by Apple, which will allow them to choose the best dishes in Warsaw, Gdansk, Gdynia, Gliwice, Katowice and Wroclaw from a wide range of dishes at a lower price. Wolt is very intuitive and easy to personalize, thanks to which it adapts to the user’s needs. An additional advantage is a very high quality of customer service, thanks to well-trained couriers and fast and friendly communication with live chat support.

“We often use the services of Wolt, because this company, like us, focuses on the quality of its partners. That’s why we are very satisfied that Finns focused on AGO xs and noticed our potential. – says Jakub Szumielewicz, President of the x-kom AGO organization. – I am convinced that we will fulfill the goals set for us and our fans will soon appreciate the partnership with Wolt. – adds.

Wolt and x-kom AGO will cooperate from July 2019. The logo of the Finnish startup and its couriers will appear in social media of the polish organization, as well as on YouTube channel. Both companies intend to focus on non-standard activities aimed at encouraging fans to use the mobile application to order food in large cities and during the largest e-sport events. Additionally, fans can count on discount codes and numerous promotions that will appear on both Wolt and x-kom AGO profiles.

“Wolt, as a technology company, is a strong supporter of the e-sport industry. – says Nicolas Jedraszak, General Manager of Wolt in Poland. “On many markets we cooperate with e-sport companies, and locally we cooperate with x-kom AGO – the industry leader on the Polish market – seems obvious. Besides, I played Counter-Strike myself and my son played Fortnite, and I know that ordering food at home is a perfect match for that. – he adds with a pinch of salt.

x-kom AGO is a stable Polish e-sport organization, which competes in three e-sport titles. It gained its popularity thanks to the successes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In addition, it employs young and talented Fortnite players who will compete at the World Championships, or one of the most outstanding Starcraft 2 players. In addition to good sports results, Hawks can boast of one of the most committed communities in the world. It was these activities that allowed the leaders of the Polish organization to become interested in the Finnish startup and make the representatives of the Volts established cooperation with them.