Mikołaj “Elazer” Ogonowski went to the capital of Ukraine on Wednesday. He spent the first two days in Kiev preparing for the games, training and analyzing potential rivals. All because the World Championship Series Spring tournament started from the group stage.

Our Hawk did not have a good start in the group stage. In his opening match, Elazer failed to win a single map, recognizing the superiority of Kevin “Harstem” de Congo. In the match for everything he met Anton “Zanster” Dahlström. The duel was very balanced and until the last unit it was not known who would win. In the end, however, Elazer managed to win 2:1. Team Liquid’s representative, Dario “TLO” Wünsch, won the promotion match. Here Mikołaj turned out to be without a mistake, giving no chances to his rival. The meeting ended with a certain victory 2:0. The group stage was finished in second place with the balance of two victories and one defeat. This allowed him to be in RO24.

After leaving the group, Elazer was promoted to playoffs. His first rival was Diego “Kelazhur” Guilherme Schwimer from Brazil. Panda Global’s representative in the group took the third place and with problems won the promotion. His poor performance in the initial phase of the tournament did not have a negative impact on his playing. On the contrary. The duel with Mikolaj started with a victory on the first map. However, a moment later it was Elazer who gave him a lesson in the game, beating him on three maps in a row. The match ended with a score of 3:1, and our player was promoted to RO16.

At the moment when there were only sixteen players left on the battlefield, Elazer hit the Frenchman Alexis “MarineLorDa” Eusebio. O’Gaming Team player in Kiev won his group, so it was his first game after the break. He didn’t make the best use of this one, because he didn’t have a chance to fight Elazer. The 21-year-old triumphed in all the maps without any major problems. Thus, he advanced to the quarter-finals in a beautiful style, after a 3:0 victory over his theoretically stronger rival.

Mikołaj was the only one of six Poles taking part in the competition who advanced to the quarter-finals. This is where he had to face the American Alex “Neeb” Sunderhaft. Ting, a Protoss player, is one of the best Starcraft 2 players in the world. Also at the start it was known that it would not be an easy duel. That’s how it was and Mikołaj after a hard fight, where each time there was a shortage, had to acknowledge the superiority of his rival, giving in to 0:3.

Elazer ended World Championship Series Spring in 5-8th place, winning $4,000 and 600 WCS Circuit points to qualify for the Starcraft 2 World Championship.